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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CU Rate Reset™?

CU RateReset is a CUSO owned by Mortgage Harmony (dba RateReset), PenFed, the Maryland DC League, Americas Credit Union and other credit union entities.

Is it possible for a non-credit union to join CU RateReset?

No…the CUSO is designed to create a family of credit unions and leverage the solutions and best practices to enhance the cooperative success.

Are RateReset solutions difficult to implement?

We have implemented CU RateReset solutions in credit unions from $100 million to over $20 billion in assets. We have “quick start” solutions that require little IT support, all the way to fully integrated solutions, with not only the LOS and Core System, but online banking. The simple answer is that it is not difficult, but does require commitment from the credit union to provide information when requested, and to test the solutions when developed for them. Most of our solutions are built in SAAS format which makes implementation much easier and more consistent.

How does a credit union identify which loans and members to offer the various solutions to?

The CU RateReset family of credit unions has created a dynamic set of case studies that share best practices for all the CU RateReset solutions. Once a credit union is under contract and begins implementation, the implementation team will share those best practices with the new credit union to help guide them in their decision process.

Are the RateReset solutions already integrated with LOS and Core systems?

Yes, our solutions are fully integrated with Meridian Link, Correlation, and CU Prodigy. We have successfully integrated with Symitar, OSI/DNA, and FICs. Our API developers are some of the best in the industry and have been able, with the help of the credit union to integrate to most systems. We also are a partner with DocuSign and Account Check and use their access to systems to provide an easy means for integration.

What is CU RateReset’s credit union focus?

The simple answer is that our brand is based solely on our credit union clients’ success. We work hard to assure each credit union in our family of credit unions meets or exceeds their expectations for the solutions, and we spend a lot of time enhancing the solutions to make sure our credit unions are successful.

More Questions?

If you have a question that you don’t see here, please contact us at joe.brancucci@ratereset.com