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Member Exclusive Offer

Member Exclusive Offer
Pre-approval and Loan Retention Marketing Software

Member Exclusive Offer code creation software by CU Rate Reset can be used to create effective pre-approval and loan retention offers. MEO codes can be texted, emailed, mailed or created in-branch to allow your members to review and accept the offer in minutes.

MEO Credit Union Benefits
  • Increase pre-approval acceptance
  • Increase loan retention
  • Digital solution
  • Mobile solution
  • Attract new millennial members and loans
  • Easy to implement
  • No online banking integration required
  • MEO codes can be marketed to members for pre-approval and loan retention solutions


MEO Member Benefits
  • Easy access for members through email, mail or branch to review offers
  • Members can review and make choices which best suit their household budget inside the offer.
  • Members can accept and sign all documents inside the offer in minutes
  • Mobile optimized

Reset Solutions

Reset Solutions
Reset term or rate, recast adjustable rate mortgage, change credit card terms, balance transfer support and Certificate of Deposit renewal.

Reset Auto
  • Members reduce their monthly auto payment by extending the term
  • Extend auto term to reduce payment
  • Lower auto term for quicker payoff
  • Extend auto term and take cash out
  • Eliminates front line staff from refinancing loans
  • Allows members to control the process
  • Minimum risk because you are in control of the offer

Reset Mortgage
  • Members reduce or modify their monthly mortgage payment by resetting their ARM rate
  • Zero back office cost
  • No loan officer
  • No processor
  • No underwriter
  • No closing
  • No post closing
  • Close in only one minute
  • Offer member another fixed period on 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 ARMs
  • Respond to a pre-payment trigger with a special offer
  • Ability to actually manage your ARM portfolio
  • Eliminates risk on an ARM
  • Reduces FASB-91 adjustments

Reset Credit Card
  • Allows the member to transact a balance transfer digitally
  • Saying “thank you” by offering a line increase
  • Offer a student an “adult” credit card
  • Engages the member with opportunity to show other products

Digital Pre-Approval Solutions

Reset Solutions
Digital solutions to capture member business through pre-approved offers.

Digital Pre-Approval Credit Card
  • Offer a member a pre-approved credit card
  • Attractive to “Click it” or “Don’t do it” members who will only do transactions online
  • Will improve the effectiveness of pre-approval campaigns
  • Target member loans at other institutions

Digital Pre-Approval Auto Recapture
  • Provides a digital solution to recapture an auto loan at another institution
  • Upsell insurance
  • Execute all necessary e-sign documents to make transfer
  • Can be sent in reaction to a trigger event

Digital Pre-Approval HELOC
  • Offer a member a new HELOC
  • Offer a member an extension on a maturing HELOC
  • Electronically gather income and assets if needed
  • Provide member with options
  • Execute the e-sign documents

Digital Pre-Approval Personal Loan
  • Offer a member a new loan or recapture loan at other institution
  • Electronically gather income and assets if needed
  • Provide member with options
  • Execute the e-sign documents
Digital New CD
  • Allow members to pick their own term and interest rate
  • Expand member relationship with special Offers

Over 68.7% of members that opened the “P” URL opened a new credit card during ACU’s pilot roll-out (April, 2017)

LoanGEN Solutions

Reset Solutions
Digital solutions for the members to compare financial products they have elsewhere with credit union offers and links to the application process.
  • Recapture member loans
  • Members reduce their monthly auto and mortgage payments and move their loan from their current financial institution to yours
  • Demonstrates the credit union difference